Who is Erna Husko

Erna Husko is a Finnish social media influencer, fitness model and entrepreneur. As of 2022, Husko is active on different social media platforms and runs online coaching and personal training programs. Husko also runs a popular weight loss program and is a certified personal trainer in Finland. Husko is also active on OnlyFans, the popular content subscription service.

Erna Husko

Swedish Tv

With an impressive social media following, Husko is a popular face, particularly in the Finnish media circle. Finnish tabloids, such as Ilta Sanomat & Seiska, regularly cover her activities, relationships and notable TV appearances.

Academic Background

Erna Husko was born in Estonia on 27 August 1997. As a child, Husko attended the Finnish school in Tallinn, known as Tallinnan suomalainen koulu. Husko’s family later moved to Finland where she attended different educational and training institutions. As a youth, Husko attended the European University of Tirana, an Albanian university. Husko developed an interest in sports only in her late teen years.

Erna Husko

Height and body

  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • Weight: 58 kg (source: Legit)

Erna Husko

Fitness Icon and Social Media Presence

Erna Husko’s popularity began to grow in 2017 when she participated in the Fitness Model 2017 (Fitness Malli) competition. She was only 19 at the time. When the competition ended, she began working further on her workout regimen and started developing mentorship programs. It was during that time she realised that she could make a living by mentoring other people and being active on different social media platforms.

Erna Husko

Husko’s bold, brave and open personality became a blessing for her social media presence and her ultimate growth. Within less than two years, Husko emerged as an entrepreneur whose work revolves around exercise and well-being. She’s best known for posting workout routines and online coaching specializing in ‘buttocks’. However, she regularly talks and posts about a wide range of issues, including personal relationships, mental health issues, body positivity, and healthy living.


Fitness Entrepreneur

Husko’s growth and popularity are also reflected in the payroll. In 2020, Husko earned a whopping 176,741 euros in earned income. Husko sells online products and promotes several brands and businesses. Her hoodies and ‘build the booty’ online programs are particularly popular.


Erna Husko


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