Who cheated on Sofie Dossi was one of the most curious questions among pop fans as sofie song fire alarm got viral where she accused a man of cheating with insane drops like her friends knew but didn’t tell her. She even went ahead with “he knew I loved surprises so he surprised me by cheating on me.” This is one of the iconic reveals in the pop industry where she even blurred her ex-bf face.

So before the question of who cheated on sofie Dossi let’s get into her previous life to get the context of her video. Sofie Dossie was dating Dominic brack from Amp World, Dominic brack is one of the core members of the Amp world team along with lexi rivera, Pierson wodzynski and ben azelart where they post pranks, games, and challenges. Amp world has over 3.85 million subscribers.

Who Cheated on Sofie Dossi

Sofie Dossie and Dominic brack relationship

Sofie and Dominic were one of the most talked about couples in town among both the youtube and pop fraternity as dossi is a singer and Dominic is a famous YouTuber, it’s like a collaboration between two distinct fields.

Approximately two years before, they first started dating. Reports indicate that Dom made the first move in their romantic relationship by proposing to Sophie on Valentine’s Day in 2019. Since that day, Dom and Sofie have been together.

Who Cheated on sife dossi

Their relationship was not a secret at all rather both Dominic and sofie are quite vocal about each other posting romantic stories, posts, and videos about each other, it almost seems like both are on the road to their marriage.

Her Fire alarm music video was released on October 1, 2022, and even his most recent tiktok video before the fire alarm release was from late September and shows him and Dossi watching a scary movie together.

Who cheated on sofie dossi

Sofie Dosie – Fire Alarm Music Video

It was all going in the perfect way where sofie and Dominic couple was the talk of the town till the date of October 1, 2022, when sofie dropped her song fire alarm. Many pop fans thought it was another random song with no relevance to her relationship with Dominic brack but then twitterati went crazy and cracked the whole story. It is impossible to keep it down when a song has these lyrics.

I don’t even know you
After dating for two years and
I’m sick of putting out fires
So Imma pull the fire alarm

Who Cheated on Sofie Dossi
Sofie Dossi – Fire Alarm

Who Cheated on Sofie Dossi, who was the girl?

Both Dominic Brack and Sofie Dossi began dating when they were as young as sixteen. However, as time passed by, their love became the talk of the town then it went downhill when Dominic started dating other girls. Yes, ‘girls’, he has been dating multiple girls and every one of them knew he was in a serious type of relationship with Dominic brack.

Even reportedly most of the amp squad members knew about Dominic cheating Sofie dossi as claimed by Stokes Twins saying

“It’s so messed up that the whole AMP squad knew about him cheating for the last 2 years but we were the only ones that warned you about him and that group. So sorry Sofie.”

Stock Twins response on cheating scandal

While both Sofie Dossi and Dominic didn’t reveal the identity of the girl he was cheating with but Dominic and sofie mutual friend Zachary did some insights on the cheating while posting alleged pictures of dominic and the girl

Who cheated on sofie dossi
Credits Zachary Youtube video


Dominic side of the story

On October 10th though, Dominic came with his side of the story about the cheating scandal where he admitted to cheating on sofie dossi while apologizing for the behavior. He even said he was too young to understand these things

Who Cheated on Sofie Dossi

“As time went on, I felt I was too young and immature to be in a relationship this serious at such a young age, When this started to really freak me out, I tried to do what I should’ve done and I went to her house and I tried to end the relationship. I feel absolutely horrible, because Sofie did not deserve this at all ”

Dominic brack in his youtube video

Who Cheated on Sofie Dossi, hope you know now!

Are they still friends?

As claimed by Dominic brack, he and sofie are still friends but they don’t have the same kind of affection or friendship as they used to have. They even tried to work their relationship but couldn’t happen so they decided to part ways mutually.


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