Before the question ‘ Where To Go On The First Date ‘ let’s understand why it matters??

For dating you must understand the psychology of your partner, things they like, what makes them happy. Main purpose of having a date is to share feelings with your partner and having a honest conversation. Many girls connect them with books, many connect them with anime or art and some just connect themselves with nature.

First date is kinda tricky one where you all are going with guesses as you don’t know the psyche of your partner. Few things can help you though you can scroll your partner’s social media

So let’s answer your where to go on the first date thing 

where to go on the first date

Have a coffee date at a bookstore
  • Where to go on the first date ? Place where you can be open and chat about anything so coffee date sounds like great idea, at the book store it is like cheery on the top where you can discuss your favorite book ideas and your favorite characters. You along with your love may be love of your discussing your favorite things, the imagination of characters and story, creating scenarios, commenting on authors and telling your perspective of books will be the perfect go to thing. It might make instant emotional and psychological connection.
  • Go for a walk

Going for a walk really helps you to understand your partner and their likes n dislikes, you can even explore your common likes and dislikes. This walk thing is quite common when you want to make a connection, having physical connection is not enough you must have to make emotional connection. You cannot discuss some things in a coffee date or some other random date what you can discuss..

Have you seen A walk to remember, yes even hollywood endorses it, a perfect might open new boundaries to your thinking and it will will the best thing for your partner to open up!

Bring headphones too I’m not being sarcastic here lol, please do bring because playing your favorite music with headphone sharing might be the cutest thing, sharing your music taste is quite helping. Maybe you can lean in for a kiss too !

where to go on the first date

Go for a hike

Going on a hike is the another cool thing you can try, it will like another scavenger hunt you guys can try, you can explore places together. It’s like fighting the odds and challenges together, seeing how you guys can bond together while you may find cool funny things. There are some odds a cute funny incident might happen like you bumping into some thing or your girl doing some silly thing because at the end of the day you all want to have a good memory and doing things you can talk about later.

Sitting beside lake can also help, just stay there and engage in eye contact this might be the perfect scene for you guys for first kiss.

Try sitting below the tree on your partner lap and talk about anything, even tell your insecurities so that he/she can remember your boundaries. My top where to go on the first date idea

where to go on the first date

  • Dine at your date’s favorite restaurant

Dining at your favorite restaurant will not only help you to understand taste of your partner but also the environment where you are sitting will be comfortable enough to talk your heart out, even telling your partner about your favorite food turns your partner on.

  • Take a dance class

Where to go on the first date ? Why not just forget date and just dance !

If your partner is into dance stuff this will be cheery on the top, a dance class you just can come out of shyness and be open in front of your partner and some really find it attractive. Also, just imagine you and your partner learning dance steps together, it’s like a team work as in future you might need this spirit to work out the bad patches of your relationship 

Make a meal together

How can it get better than that you and your partner doing silly things in kitchen, creating mess and then clearing it, you are relating to it ?? Isn’t it. Making a meal and then eating it together is the go to thing for me !

where to go on the first date


Where to go on the first date ? so these were my ideas that will work 100% for sure but if you want more ideas you can check this cool article 52 First Date Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Creative Genius

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