Cricket, one of the most widely played sports around the world, has a long and mysterious history. Find out where and when cricket was invented, and discover how it evolved into the beloved sport it is today.

What is the Origin and Early History of Cricket?

Cricket’s origin is often disputed, but history suggests that the popular sport may have first originated in England sometime during the 13th century. Early versions of what we now know as cricket involved teams of cricketers playing a simple form of ball games that resembled an older version of baseball. The game then quickly spread to other parts of Britain and beyond, becoming one of the most popular team sports in the world by the 18th century.
when cricket was invented
Cricket playing by people in ancient times
Cricket as a sport has evolved over the centuries and its rules and regulations have changed significantly. The modern game is based on the laws established by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 1788, which established the two distinct sides of the game – batting and bowling. This set up outlined how teams were to be made, with 11 players each participating on each side. The laws also set up a system of scoring runs depending on how far a ball is hit, called “runs”. In 1877, more detailed rules establishing different types of innings were added and are still used today.

When Cricket Was Invented

The exact date of when cricket was invented is unknown, but it is generally believed to have originated in 13th century England. Early forms of the game were loosely based on stick and ball games, with evidence suggesting that they had been played since at least the 10th century. Cricket was officially established as a legal sport in England in 1744 when the London Cricket Club issued its set of rules.

when cricket was invented
Times when cricket was invented

Alternative Point of view On When Cricket Was Invented

The inventors of this game were street children, Yes you heard it right but the equipment used in cricket was far different than the new one. A stone was used as a ball. Till the 17th century, people used a stone of 156 grams as a ball.

And the players used a simple bat shaped from a branch resembling a modern hockey stick butt considerably longer and heavier. In 1624, the first death happened because of cricket. Jasper Vinall died because another player accidentally struck him with a stone ball on his head. Safety of equipment was a non-concept when cricket was invented.

when cricket was invented
First death reported in records during cricket match

How Did Ten-Wicket Cricket Develop?

Ten-wicket cricket is an adaptation of the original game, whereby a side had one inning in which to score as many runs as possible, this is the same basic rule when cricket was invented. This was a departure from the original game, which required each team to play two innings, with the number of wickets lost determining who won. The rules governing this adaptation were set out in 1839 and it quickly became extremely popular amongst players and spectators alike.

when cricket was invented
Old Cricket Ball

How Has the Rules and Equipment Changed Since Then?

In the modern game of cricket, the equipment and rules are very different from when cricket was invented. Since 1839, changes have been made to the Laws of Cricket to make them suitable for various forms of the game, making allowances for one-day internationals and Twenty20 matches. Protective equipment such as batting pads, helmets, and gloves have also been developed over time to improve the safety of batsmen when facing fast bowlers.

ICC is the ruling body of cricket and all the cricket boards are under ICC.

when cricket was invented

What Is Indoor Cricket and How is it Different From Outdoor Cricket?

Indoor cricket is an adaptation of traditional outdoor cricket, played in a limited area such as a large hall or stadium. The main differences between indoor and outdoor cricket are the playing surface, the size of the playing field, the ball used and the number of players in each team. In indoor cricket, a hard court is used instead of grass, nets are placed around the boundary for protection and bowling targets are marked in place. A lighter ball with reduced bounce is used to account for low ceilings and close walls. Furthermore, teams are typically made up of four to six players as opposed to eleven players per side outdoors. When cricket was invented, it was only played outdoors.


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