Vietnamese Style Pho Recipe

– I don’t remember where I found this recipe originally, but I’ve modified it over time anyway. Very quick to prepare, can be done in full in 20-30 mins inc prep. This serves 4. Keeps for 4ish days. If you are saving portions then prepare the noodles as you need them. Once you have things like fish sauce, peanut butter, sriracha, honey, it is super cheap to buy the remaining ingredients

vietnamese style pho

Vietnamese Style Pho Ingredients:

Chicken breasts x 21 chili

Couple cm ginger3 cloves garlic

Stir fry pack (In UK supermarkets you can get these packs of mixed veg for stirfry, otherwise makeup a few cups of shredded veg of your choosing – cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, beansprouts, whatever you want)

Peanut butter


Sesame oil

Salt pepper

Chicken Stock

1LFish sauce (1 teaspoon)

A lime

vietnamese style pho

Vietnamese style pho Cooking Method:
  1. finely chop ginger chili and garlic. Also slice chicken widthways into 1cm wide slices

  2. ‎Prepare stock if needed

  3. ‎heat some oil and Chuck in the chili ginger garlic and chicken

  4. ‎after about 2 – 3 mins, add stock. Leave about a cups worth in a jug for the next step

  5. Also add big dollop of peanut butter to the remaining stock, juice from the lime, fish sauce, a good squirt of sracha, and a squirt of honey. Add this to the pot with the rest. Set to a low – med simmer. Cover and leave for 7 mins.

  6. ‎prepare noodles –

  7. ‎Add the contents of the stirfry pack / shredded veg. Cover and leave for another 3 mins.

  8. ‎in bowls: noodles, fish out all bits from broth and distribute evenly, pour broth over all.

  9. garnish with sliced spring onions, a couple of slices of chilli pepper and roughly chopped herbs, drizzle sesame oil over top

vietnamese style pho


For Indian Style Pho – Here is the go to link How To Make Indian Style Pho

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