Solica Casuto was one of the charming Greek-American actress of old times, she went to fame after marrying famous American actor, comedian, and television producer Andy Griffith though many think that their Relationship was downhill from the start 

Initially they didn’t divorce rather they opted for seperation in 1971 then according to reports the charming couple got divorced in 1987 although it was never made public which caused speculations among people. 

Solica Casuto is actually the second wife of Andy Griffith

Solica Casuto served as Andy Griffith’s second spouse, Yes you heard it right she was his second wife and both Solica Casuto and Andy Griffith never had children.


Their Marriage was kept as secret initially 

Due to Media Fame and many other factors both decided to keep their Marriage as secret but you know it’s showbiz where secrets are bound to be revealed 

Digging into how they met !

Solica and Andy were both working on media at that time, according to many reports and media insiders couple first met on a movie set where they connected instantly, they started dating each other. For Andy, dating women was quite common for him but solica and him were a different case. Andy started dating her quite frequently in the early 70s 

After deciding to changing their dating into wedding, Both married in relatively a quite low key wedding where only close family members and friends were invited

Despite their decision to keep things low key, it is because of their wedding house things came into light that both were actually married rather than just other summer hollywood couple 

Why Solica Cassuto and Andy griffith decided to divorce

Ben kerry a famous hollywood writer quoted in his book Andy and Dan that both are quite unnatural being a couple rather they had many things different to each other like andy who is conservative rather solica who was as female as you could get


Did Solica Cassuto Married Anyone Afterwards

No She did not marry anyone afterwards 

Solica Casuto


Solica Casuto Music And Acting Career 

Solica Casuto is a Greek actress. She is also an accomplished television producer. She used to sing southern gospel.

Throughout her seven-decade career, she appeared in numerous films and television shows.



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