Many tried to make videos or clickbait stuff like Technoblade face reveal but there was nothing on social media that has a face of him. Technoblade kept his personal life under wraps and little is known about him apart from his online avatar which was a picture of a crowned pig. None of his followers knew his real name, he even pranked them by feeding them his fake name ” Dave” in 2016 till his death people believed this to be his real name!

Techloblade The Legend

Well techloblade is a legend in gaming industry, he was real insane player of minecraft, not only that he plays so good but also he has great roasting and humor skills. It’s not like he is insulting or shaming someone, he just makes funny comments and to be honest he truly a king in sarcasm.

technoblade face reveal

Even his last Tweet was sarcastic

” Hello? <taps mic> Is this thing on? Technodad here. It was suggested I log in to his Twitter account. Taking the op to say “hellooooo” to technotwt. I love you guys, probably. Uh, am I also supposed to say “hashtag” or something? “


TechnoBlade Hiatus and Diagnosis of Cancer

So It all started when suddenly Technoblade goes off the grid in 2021 and there were no tweets from his account or any new Youtube video, that left many people and his millions fans across the world worried. So, after hiatus on 27th of August, He announced his recent hiatus was due to being diagnosed with cancer. 

In his video, Technoblade confirmed that he was diagnosed on Aug. 2 after visiting a doctor to get his right arm looked at. Near the end of July, the 22-year-old began experiencing right arm soreness. After taking a few days off to rest, thinking it was some form of stress-related injury from playing too many games, his right shoulder began to swell and he decided to make an appointment. 

During the visit, doctors ran several scans and told him that the issues with his arms were being caused by a tumor. He has since started chemotherapy treatment for the disease, and it has been going well, although he said his energy has been low.

“The first couple days were actually pretty chill,” Technoblade said. “I was like, dang this is easy bro, and then it kicked in and my energy levels were zero. They were absolutely nothing. It is hard to describe how tired I was.”

Technoblade Name and Identity

So getting to the point, his real name was ” Alexander ” aka Alex, His father even released photos of him too which made whole twitter and youtube gaming fam crazy and emotional. 

The video has been viewed more than 72.9 million times since it was published on June 30 as the fans who used to look forward to Technoblade’s notifications try to process the death of someone they have known only through a screen. Social media is flooded with fan art, tributes and links to grief resources. Memorials have been erected within Minecraft, including a digital book that had been signed by more than 377,000 people.

technoblade face reveal

In his pictures, it was quite visible that these were taken during his treatment of cancer, as he had no hair and wearing masks too. Till this day there were thousands of people who give shoutout to Technoblade.


Technoblade never dies

Youtube gave a emotional tribute to Technoblade with the Iconic Title ” Technoblade never Dies “. Youtube even revealed that almost 300+ videos are uploaded regularly with the decription ” Technoblade never Dies “

The streamer first used the phrase as he struggled to fight in the Nether on Dream SMP. After reaching safety and catching a break, Techno went on an adrenaline-fuelled speech about how he never dies:

“Not even close, baby! Technoblade never dies. Never question me again, chat. I don’t care how many mobs ambush me. I don’t care if they’re a whole wither army. I don’t care if 12 withers spawn on my location. I am incapable of death, iron armor, no helmet. Doesn’t matter, I do not die. I do not die!”

Technoblade Face reveal


TechnoBlade Face Reveal 

The Best picture of Technoblade is him laying down on bed with underlying medical condition which was quite visible 

technoblade face reveal


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