This is an unsolved murder mystery of a woman found in a suitcase near a hiking trail in my town. It appears there has been no traction on this case which really bothers me. Seems like she has been forgotten already 😞.
Jennifer Beede
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Circumstances of Jennifer beede being missing

It all started when a girl named Jennifer Beede was reported missing by her loved ones on social media while due to her lifestyle where she was living alone there is no information on the circumstances leading to her being missing. Police also stated this case is like a dead end!

Normally in arizona if some one is missing social media always picks it and make it viral but in her case word was spread only among her friends and family while no major news outlet reported her missing. After Inquiring about potential suspects police said her family doesn’t have any insight on who she was meeting when she got missing. It’s like she was a ghost although police checked her mobile phone data and dating history there were no possible suspects.

Jennifer Beede

In fact she had a death in her

Jennifer Beede got more out of grid when her father died, she posted a picture with her father saying

“iloveu nino with all my heart ill never forget you ”

Jennifer beede

Police describe sudden change in her family life might be the reason of her being so out of grid

Jennifer Beede got engaged in 2021

Jennifer beede got engaged in july 2021 but still no one reporting her husband or ex husband name or whereabouts, this is where things get curious as why police never said a word on her previous engagement? as possibly his ex husband can be a suspect too.

This story is truly sad and regretful as no one is following up on case. She is like the forgotten daughter of arizona as she lost her family last year so there is no one there to fight for her case!

Jennifer beede

Jennifer Beede Body Found

Sadly on 17 September 2022, remains of jennifer beede were found in a suitcase when a wandering bicyclist saw an abandoned suitcase in Arizona desert, cave creek road or carefree highway which is about 35 miles north of Phoenix in morning 6:45am. Bicyclist instantly went on social media reporting her chocking discovery while she was riding on rural gravel road.

Jennifer beede
Site where her body was found according to Marrisa sarbak on twitter

Police then arrived at the scene, after opening the suitcase police found it stuffed with a woman’s remains.

“I came across a suitcase in the middle of the desert that appeared to be nothing more than a piece of trash, and I decided to take a closer look at it,” the woman wrote, according to Fox 3 “…I observed that it had a head. It was damp, and I thought I saw a leg or a knee or something sticking out of the ground.”

Police is still looking for Information on her death

Silent Witness is offering a @2,000 reward for anyone who has information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for Jennifer’s murder.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department at (602) 262-6151 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Jennifer beede

My Final thoughts
Instead of political donations or other causes maybe instead we should donate to Silent Witness cases on Go Fund Me so someone is more enticed to provide information to authorities to bring some monster to justice. I hike these trails all the time. Sometimes it takes a local case to remind one of the injustices of thousands of unsolved murders of women in our country that just fade away from the media and our memories. Cases of Native American women get even less attention from our media.
Jennifer Beede
Stay aware of your surroundings, ladies. Probably should avoid dating sites that don’t do background checks on people. We need better measures to take back the day and take back the night ladies for the safety of ourselves and our daughters.
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