Despite the Bans, irregular football activities, no local football league still Pakistan women Football team is making a mark in International Football showing the world they will be the real big deal in Asia!

After SAFF Tournament that was held in Previous year, Pakistan women’s Football Team starred in Saudi Four nation cup featuring Saudi Arabia, Comoros and Mauritius.

Pakistan Women Football

Insane gameplay in Tournament

Well following the whole tournament as football fan, I really noticed the intense domination of possession by Pakistani women’s national team. Keeping in mind that half of the squad was young, inexperienced and even most of them were under 20.

During whole Tournament, Pakistani team dominated the opponents despite controversy where their main lead striker Nadia khan was not allowed to participate and their other striker Zulfia nazir is recovering from her injury during SAFF cup and I’m fully convinced that final scoresheet don’t do justice to them.

Pakistan Women Football

Pakistan Women Football Team Destructive Midfielder’s

The Department that shines the most is Midfield featuring Captain Maria khan, Rameen Fareed and Suha hirani. As Maria Khan got the best player award too I would say they were by far the best among all teams in midfield, creating dozens of chances for strikers in every match.

In the absence of Nadia khan and zulfia, their inexperienced young strikers couldn’t make the mark except for Zahmena malik who was ruthless in Attack.

Maria Khan despite being the Centre back scored 2 goals in Tournament including the Tournament’s best goal against champions Saudi Arabia on a Insane freekick. That kick had more curve than Kardashians πŸ˜€

Pakistan Women Football

Excellent combo of Foreign and local players

Pakistan is well known in terms of their diaspora in foreign countries, Pakistani population in England and in other european countries is really high and Pakistani Football Federation is cashing on it. Pakistan first Acquired services of Nadia Khan, star striker of Doncaster Rover Belles. She made her Debut in SAFF Cup last year and became the first Pakistani women player to score a hattrick in International Match

Pakistan Women Football

Zahmena malik is anther Striker Pakistan acquired for Saudi 4 nation cup, She played for London Seaward in Women’s FA Cup. She got the real pace and soft touches, she can create an assist with single pace and a real threat to opponents. She assisted the first goal of Pakistan against Comoros in first round

Pakistan Women Football

Amina Hanif plays for chesham united in women’s FA cup in UK, she is the big deal and huge future prospect for Pakistan in Midfield.


What is ahead for Pakistan Women Football Team

It is just 6 months ago, Pakistan women football is almost non existent for 8 years and then all of a sudden after Lifting of FIFA, Pakistan created some huge impact in International Football. Now for the first time, Pakistan will play 2024 AFC Olympic Qualifiers Round 1 in April 2023.

Pakistan will play against Tajikistan, Hong Kong and Philippines.

Our best wish to Pakistan Women Football Team

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