Having Creative Block for writers is a normal thing, I saw many writers kind of hiding this problem and thinking there is something wrong with them or thinking they are not good enough while in really they were just having rough creative block.

Creative Block for writers

What is Creative Block for writers

Creative block for writers mean difficulty writing, trouble in thinking process or feeling brain dead. It’s like opening word pad for writing and spending hours just siting in front of it. In simple words It is the Inability to access thoughts and processing them into writing something.

Sometimes it lasts for days or weeks and some even experience it for months

Creative Block for writers

Causes of creative block for writers

In my personal opinion, Self doubt and lack of motivation are the biggest reasons for creative block faced by writers.

In early writer career or stages, many new writers face this phenomena of self doubt where they just get self killing thoughts like am I good or not, why a person like me could be a writer, this results in a cycle of rejecting your creative thoughts and at the end your brain just stops creating creative thoughts. When you tell yourself and your brain again and again that their ideas are not good enough so at the end your brain stops providing you with something you’re rejecting.


Lack of motivation is something quite common among writers when they get to a certain level at that point some are facing financial problems, some are having hard time with family or some are just fed up with writing. I mean in this case there can numerous reasons and to be honest I can’t name all although I can help with lack of motivation problem in terms of professionally not personally.

So you can sort your lack of motivation issue by setting deadlines, Join a writing group, set writing goals and setting a perfect writing workplace.


Creative block for writers

Remedies for overcoming creative block for writers:

Creative block for writers – Sometimes you are facing creative block just because you have trouble reading, yes when you don’t read or stop reading then it will have effects on your writing as for books – I have recently allowed myself to listen to audiobooks instead of reading “properly”, since I had the same problem. It’s been amazing. This January alone I listened to 5 books, which is more I have read in 2022. Walking to/from work became much more exciting, so maybe it will motivate you to move more as well!

Reading– I was in the same place, i allowed myself to read book I once thought of as a waste of time. Teen fiction, trashy novels, anything.

Creative block for writers

Podcasts – your brain is probably getting bored. Download some podcasts. Serial or this American life. Go to Podcasts for recommendations. Podcasts make me want to get out on walks, and when I find a really good one, I never want to stop.

Walking: Walking does helps with proper functioning of your brain, Walk it self is something natural which really meditates your brain and it will help you to organize your thoughts. Pro tip: You can also see if there is a walking group in your area.

Also, give swimming a try.

And the challenges you are having, do you happen to live in a northern climate? Vitamin D deficiency can really mess with your motivation, and concentration skills, and it’s an instant fix. I take 3 vitamin D gummies a day, for reference. If it’s bad and vitamin d is the solution, you’ll know in a few hours.

At last you can try reverse psychology too

If you’re still feeling that creative block then you should just let it go, enjoy your life and give your brain a damn space so don’t stress it too hard. Creative block for writers is a natural thing!



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