Narvik Netflix – Nice little Norwegian WW2 film. More of a tense & emotional family drama than an epic war film. It feels small scale, with a tightly written plot & a small but excellent cast. A tale full of moral dilemmas based on heroic true events.

WWII epic movie Narvik Netflix tells the story about two intense months in the spring of 1940 when allied countries fought side by side against the Germans. Norway is coming out with some really great films lately, “Troll” was another good one.

Narvik Netflix

thought Narvik did an excellent job of illustrating life as a neutral country in WWII, not only stuck in the crossfire between the axis and allies but strategically left in ruins. even by the good guys. must watch for my fellow history heads.

Narvik Plot

In April, 1940, the eyes of the world are on Narvik, a small town in northern Norway, a source of the iron ore needed for Hitler’s war machine. Through two months of fierce winter warfare, the German leader is dealt with his first defeat. While Story revolves around two Parents Gunnar Tofte and Ingrid Tofte, Gunnar was fighting for norwegian army out of narvik town while Ingrid Tofte in absence of Gunnar was working with German Mayor Fritz Wossuv!

Narvik Netflix

Clash of Interest

While the Gunnar Tofte Tofte was fighting for norwegian army against the germans, he got the real X factor that even major omberg  gives him the toughest of tasks, he got all the patriotic things in him while Ingrid Tofte who was in narvik along with her son, she has to fight for her life and the best thing she sensed is helping germans. This createstwo timelines where Gunnar was working hard to get his country back, killing every German he sees while Ingrid enjoys a close relationship with Konsul Fritz Wossuv.

Narvik Netflix

Narvik Netflix story created a real different between two leads when gunnar took down mighty cannon of german army while at the other hand for saving her son Ingrid reveals the secret hideout of Englishmen to Fritz.


Norway Neutrality 

Narvik Netflix really done good job in creating conflicts around narway neutrality as Norway was initially neutral but it has huge Iron ore reserves which attracts both germans and englishmen, both were extracting iron side by side in narvik while norway gets paid a huge amount of money for it But out of nowhere germans broke the neutrality agreement and captured Narvik

Here things got complicated, After huge english warships attack on narvik with help of ground troops of french and norwegian army, Germans left narvik so norwegian army got the town back but they really feel abandoned when german bombers attacked navrik and englishmen didn’t fight them back as narvik was almost no use of them.

Narvik Netflix

Watch It or Skip It – Narvik Netflix

It’s a great watch with interesting conflict of characters, it will be cherry on the top of you like War movies with spy touch !


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