Microlocs vs Sisterlocks

The only difference is the cost. The grid can be achieved by anyone, though Sisterlocks insist that they have it patented. Think of it this way: Sisterlocks is a type of microlocs. Sisterlocks uses the interlocking technique. In addition to the interlocking technique, microlocs can be established by using two strand twists or Braidlocs. If done small enough, there is no visible difference when the hair becomes locked.


are small, tight dreadlocks, usually less than half an inch in diameter. They work best on kinky or coily hair textures, then secured with a latch-crochet needle or interlocking technique.

Microlocs can also be started with braids, two-strand twists, coiling, or palm-rolling the hair. Each method can create different results, so consult with a professional before getting started.

Microlocs starting with twists are ideal for medium to long hair. Moreover, they hold well in different hair textures. One more benefit to starting microlocs with twists is that you can manage them well in a variety of ways
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microlocs vs sisterlocks



 are a versatile natural hairstyle that consists of tiny-sized dreadlocks. Instead of relying on a twisting or rolling technique, sisterlocks are created by using a special tool that builds the locks from the ends of hair to the root

African American women from various places are opting for Sisterlocks instead of dealing with the upkeep needed to grow out loose natural or relaxed hair.

No. Sisterlocks’ small size really are the perfect style for thin-haired naturals. With Sisterlocks, you have no chemicals or damaging abrasion to your scalp or strands, making it ideal for a thin hair texture.”A micro-sized loc alone is not doomed to damage.
microlocs vs sisterlocks
How long do Sisterlocks last? Like most protective styles, how you care for and maintain your style will affect how long it lasts. Generally speaking though, you will likely need to get your Sisterlocks retightened every six weeks as your hair starts to grow.
Only the Sisterlocks products should be used for maintenance. The locs remain straight and uniform from the root to the ends. Micro locs with interlocking can be installed and retightened by anyone. Test locs are not typically done during a consultation
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