GMR Transcription is the one of the most highest paid transcription job portal in USA, It has high payrate with you can earn 4$ to 24$ dollar per hour depending upon the speed of your work !


What is Transcription

Transcription is a job where you convert audio files into text files, it like documenting every conversation word by word into text form, those text files might be conversations between costumer and clients.

You might have heard of customer support call center where a customer support representative helps a customer – that’s a customer support agent job while documenting that conversation for quality check for future is called Transcription.

There are many purposes for transcription, some companies want to document these conversations for legal issues in future, some do it so that they can present these things to higher ups for guaranteeing quality checks.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is only active in US

While let us clear this to you, if you’re a US citizen residing in USA then you can apply for this job. There is no need to waste your time if you’re not a US Citizen although we will recommend best transcription jobs for worldwide job aspirants later.

It is online job why they know you’re from USA? – They will track your IP Address, if you’re not from US you cannot apply at all. Even if you somehow change your IP address to US then still it will be difficult as you have to provide your US number, postal code, Home address and Bank details. We don’t recommend applying at all you are foreigner!

GMR Transcription
Source: GMR Transcription                           


What type of files you will transcribe at GMR Transcription

You will translate corporate, legal, government and academic files. Just chill they don’t give you those medical files with high difficult medical words as for that they have separate medical transcribers which is infact a more highly paid job though.

Be aware some files might be very hard to transcribe: After talking to a person working at GMR transcriptions, I got the idea that not all files are so straight forward in fact some conversations are very hard to transcribe due to very hard accent or due to quality of audio files and in some cases overlapping conversations where both persons are yelling is given. Don’t worry that’s why they pay you good so that you have time leverage to go over it again and again.

GMR Transcription
Source: GMR Transcription

Applying to GMR Transcription

Before getting to process of applying to GMR Transcription, you must know the technical requirements Requirements: high-speed internet, Microsoft Office, headphones, and a foot pedal, be willing to take at least 4 hours of audio per month.

Applying to GMR Transcription is quite easy apart from that test

Just click on this link, you will land into the application page where you have to provide:

  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Street Address*
  • City*
  • State*
  • Zip*
  • Phone Number*
  • Email*
  • Type of word desired*

These are all the must to provide details in GMR Transcription application page, please don’t give fake names and cross check all the details to your Citizen’s ID. Carefully go through all the options on Type of work desired page !

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription Test:

Well many people think this test is exploitation of work but in fact they are testing you from random files so that you will not mess up client’s work and you are ready for job. As there are hundreds of applications and they can’t hire anyone so they set up this test thing and to be honest if you know how to do your job then it will not be a hard thing for you.

They will give you 2hour Audio files which might take 6 to 12 Hours to transcribe, in simple words you have to spend your whole day for a test and this is the reason why there is less competition.

GMR Transcription

No Application or Registration fees

You don’t have to pay for anything like application or for test, all you need to do is to Sign up, Complete the test given on your Email and then you free to go!


How much you can earn through GMR Transcription:

Well it varies depending upon you and your level right now, If you’re a beginner then you can earn 10 to 18 dollar per hour 

While after working for one or two months straight then you level up your earnings to 20 to 30 dollar per hour !

Offices of GMR Transcription:

GMR Transcription Services is headquartered in Tustin, California, with satellite offices in New York, Pennsylvania, Miami, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, D.C, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Sans Francisco.


Should you apply to GMR Transcription:

Yes you really should, trust me they way better than other sites with high pay rate and flexible work timings. One of my friend paid her college debt working at night for GMR Transcription, it took her almost 4 to 5 months to do that !


GMR Transcription


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