Before getting into , let us help you understand the perspective, recently after the pandemic, teaching is kind of digitized which revolutionized the way teachers are teaching their students, it has resulted in many effective and creative methods to interact with your students.

Zoom is one of the most prominent examples of effective teaching, not only that is limited to teaching rather it is being used for meetings both casual and non casual. People are now even celebrating birthday parties and wedding anniversaries digitally.

So heading into overview and insights is actually the subdomain of join classroomscreen which is being used to teach students in very unique ways, it is becoming quite popular among teachers in states. Options like sub screen, groups, timer and sound level are new additions that is reason why join and classroomscreen is becoming widely popular.

It also gives teachers the option to upload homework and option for students to submit the test in real time. Sometimes teachers are having problem with their mic, this site gives you an opportunity to troubleshot the problem with features that is constantly measuring your sound level.
Webview of website you will be directed to by clicking on most prominent features

It has many cool features which might change the way you teach your students, so let me explain it then.

  • Sub Screen options: With the option of sub screen, you can display one or two videos on screen at the same time. Also along with videos, you can open typing pad so that you can add notes while the video is playing in the tab. It is cool isn’t it ?
  • Timer: It has the cool option of displaying timer all the time during your class, doesn’t matter you playing one two or three videos on screen. This makes teachers life way much easier as you can teach your class with different sources while there is a timer always on screen so that you can know how much time is left of your class. You can use timer feature for conducting test or quiz too.
Available timer on screen
  • Group: Multi screen purpose by and classroomscreen is soo good. Here is the thing you can have as much videos on screen with the timer, these multi screens will never disturb the groups you created. Using this you can teach multiple classes at the same time by connecting their groups to classroomscreen.
  • Audio or Sound Issues: Biggest issue faced by teachers during online classes is audio or video issues, where your sound sometimes go so high and sometimes it is way less to hear. helps you to manage, monitor and set your sound level so you will never have to face the audio or sound issue. It also troubleshoots the sound issues it’s self.
Audio level feature on screen
  • Conducting Polls: You can conducting polls in real time during class with the polls widget available by and classroomscreen website. You can feed questions beforehand instead of adding them during class which may safe your time.
  • Embed nearpod: Most exciting one, you can embed nearpod in your and classroomscreen page, accessing the every presentation from the app. Know more about nearpod
  • Creating Workspaces: You can create different workspaces, projects for different classes and


Safety and Trust of and classroomscreen

Well for most of the users internet safety is the biggest concern. In quite less used websites like these fear of cyber attacks is quite high so let us access the safety of and classroomscreen.

Its trust score is 96% and the website is a hit and has an Global ranking of 58978. It also has a country rank of 19,221 and an overall ranking of 537.
Teacher conducting live quiz

Public review and trust and it’s subdomain has many positive reviews on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Appstore.

Mandatory continuing education for licensed Teachers across states

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