How To Play 70s Heardle

First you have to press play to hear the music so that you can guess the song from 70s century. You can hear music as much as you want there is no need to be stopped. After hearing the song’s opening verse, you have to guess the song name and artist, Yes that’s all this is as simple as that. Find the appropriate 70s music in the list after listening to the introduction.

Missed or unsuccessful tries reveal more of the introduction Answer with the fewest number of trials possible and post your score! Tap to begin the song and turn up the volume!


Where to play 70s Heardle?

Heardle is completely web based. You can play it online for free on


70s heardle

How to unblock 70s Heardle in your region?

To override region-locking issues that block certain tracks on SoundCloud from playing in your region, the only way to unblock the game is vpn. You can download any vpn version you like and then pretend to be playing from somewhere the song is permitted to play on SoundCloud.

What is Heardle?

70s Heardle is a relatively new music game you can play via a website app where you listen to the introduction of a song, with the goal of the game to guess the artist and title in as few turns as possible. The song tracks are from a pool of most-streamed songs in the last 10 years.

You get six guesses, and with every skipped or incorrect guess, you unlock more of the song to listen to – all the way up to 16 seconds of the song’s introduction. However, you want to guess the song much quicker – ideally from the first one second of the song. Easy enough, right?

“A respectful homage to Wordle, with a musical twist. Each Heardle is semi-randomly plucked from a long list of popularly streamed artists. Much love, and all relevant copyright, to those featured. Heardle was made for a small group of friends, then somehow gained millions of players overnight. Please be kind.”

The 70s Heardle game songs are chosen at random from a large pool of musicians and songs, and you can only guess one song once a day – pretty much the same as Wordle which only allows you to guess one word a day.  Once you think you know the name of the song, you can type it into the answer bar.

The Heardle game does give a little bit of help by auto-filling the songs it could possibly be as you type. If the name of the song you’re thinking it is doesn’t pop up, then it’s incorrect because it’s not in the Heardle music game system.  The Heardle app keeps track of how many games you’ve played, your wins and streaks, and also allows you to post your results on social media.

Importantly, 70s Heardle requires a little bit more prior knowledge than its word-based counterpart. If you know your music well and have a vast memory across genres, this handy little game is a great way to kill some time and keep the brain cells active, particularly if you play an instrument. This form of musical trivia is terrific for helping tune your ear, and training your brain to recognise simple tunes immediately.


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