Blastproof Room heaters are becoming perfect replacement for unsecure gas heaters, as of now you have heard of things like people getting killed because of gas heaters, it’s not like it is uncommon rather it is becoming major worry for people using gas heaters

In England and Wales, approximately 40 deaths and 200 non-fatal poisonings requiring hospital admission are reported each year from high-level carbon monoxide poisoning. A study, however, estimates that there may be 250 admissions per year in England due to carbon monoxide poisoning.


There are many reasons behind gas leakage or blast from heaters, some because of poor quality of heaters and in some cases due to negligence from users. Some of the cases are due to gas load shedding from government

Blastproof Room Heaters

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After searching many sites for Explosions Proof Room Heaters, we stumbled upon Engineering 360 Website, They are based in newyork. They explosion proof room heaters such as Space heaters, Explosion proof room heaters

Xilong 50W Aquarium Tank Blastproof room heaters

blastproof room heaters

Type: Aquariums & Accessories  Material: Stainless steel
Aquarium & Accessory Type: Temperature Control Products  Feature: Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China   Brand Name: Xilong  Model Number: XL-50w
Length: 29cm   Power: 500w Temperature adjustment range: 16°C-34°C
Suitable for aquarium: 20-30cm    Shape: Rod   Weight: 0.6kg   Voltage: 220V 
Commercial Buyer: Department Stores, Super Markets, Convenience Stores, E-commerce Stores


Professional Aquarium Tank 50W Stainless Steel Submersible Heater 


1 Model XL-999 50W
2 Temp. 16°C-34°C
3 Package 50pcs/carton


Price: $4.60 – $4.80
BlastProof room Heaters
There are many other Blastproof room heaters option available on internet, you should opt for them as they are way more secure you don’t have to worry about blast or gas leakage. At the end of the day Your Safety is way more important.
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