First We have to understand the Concept of deadstock fabric

Deadstock Fabrics is the leftover fabrics as when brands or textile industries order fabric for their products they are making, in many cases fabric got unused or got surplus fabric – this leftover or surplus fabric is deadstock fabric.

Deadstock fabric can also be remnant material that textile mills have not been able to sell. This could be due to small imperfections on the fabric or the fabric not being produced in the correct colouring.

deadstock fabrics

Source of Deadstock Fabric

Understanding the source of deadstock fabric has important implications in regards to its sustainability value. For example, some mills have been known to purposely overproduce fabric to sell at a discounted price at a later time. The reason this overproduction occurs comes from the cost for mills to produce the material. The machines are complex and require a number of people to operate them and therefore it is cheaper for mills to produce more while they are up and running. This however, is not genuine deadstock fabric rather simply discounted fabric stock from overproduction. When fabric is purposely overproduced in this way it can further perpetuate the waste cycle in the fashion and textile industry.

This Point Really raises the debate of deadstock fabrics being eco friendly or not, many put their argument in not being eco friendly or some are with eco friendly case but in terms of Economic sustainability in future, we need to be dependent on deadstock fabrics so that all resources can be used in productive way which can bring profits higher!


How to Get Deadstock Fabrics

There are many industries or warehouses that are now regularly posting about selling deadstock fabrics. You buy them for your little startup on wholesale and safe your cost!

If you want to opt for Deadstock Fabrics from Top Fashion houses

This might be little expensive as compared to normal deadstock fabrics but it can be very fruitful one, you can get high quality fabric and you can increase price of your end product which can result in high profit as compared to normal ones.

One of my ordered high quality Italian deadstock fabrics from this site, they have some very good collection. It almost seems like you are buying real new fabric instead of deadstock

If the mills can’t sell the fabric then they will pass it onto a jobber. What is a fabric jobber? A fabric jobber takes fabric from all over a country, or sometimes even the world, and re-sells it for a premium (higher than what you would pay a fabric mill directly for it).

Here you can find our collection of the finest Italian dead stock fabrics from world’s top fashion houses and designers. Available textiles are updated weekly, directly from stocks in Prato, Italy.

deadstock fabrics

You can get different kind of fabrics like


Fabric Godmothers deadstock dressmaking fabric are all fabrics saved from landfill or destruction. Making them a great choice for customers who want to reduce their impact on the planet or just grab something unique. Many of them have come from luxury design houses or high end high street brands.

For UK, You can get high quality as well as low quality deadstock fabrics too. Price at ” Fabric Godmother ” is quite reasonable as compared to other ones

Shop By Price

deadstock fabrics

Other places where you can buy deadstock fabric online in the UK include these other places:
  • Higgs And Higgs.
  • The Textile Centre.
  • Sew Me Sunshine.
  • Sew Affordable.
  • Like Sew Amazing.


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