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Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, is a term for the combat sport in which two competitors attempt to achieve dominance over one another by utilizing three general tactics: striking, finishing holds, and control. The rules allow the combatants to use a variety of martial arts techniques including punches, kicks, joint-locks, chokes, takedowns and throws. Victory is normally gained through knock-out, submission (one fighter concedes victory to the other by tapping the mat or his opponent with his hand), or stoppage by the referee

mma in london


London Shootfighters gym is one of the world’s top Mixed Martial Arts and Combat sports gyms. They offer fantastic training facilities and and an unparalleled range of classes suited for all levels from beginner to professional. Whether you want to get fit to fight or just fit, take your training to the next level with us.

They prepare people for all levels of training & competition and help them achieve their goals. From athletes regularly competing at the highest level in the world in events such as the UFC, conducting training camps for England Rugby and Football stars to preparing people for white collar boxing, amateur Mixed Martial Arts







  • Standard Package: 45£
  1. Full Access to the gym
  2. Additional 6£ for class
  3. No Joining fee


  • Pro Standard Package: 85
  1. Full access to the gym
  2. Choose Either Kickboxing & Muay Thai Package, Boxing or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Package
  3. No Joining fee


  • Unlimited Access Package: 99.99
  1. Full access to the gym
  2. All Classes – Any Day/ Any Time
  3. No Joining fee

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