Before China Town Food Review , Let’s get into Chinese food

Chinese Food is becoming one of the trendiest food in States, with the delicious taste, the addition of curry with chilies and topping of chicken is the go to thing for millennials. It is becoming popular day by day due to cheap prices with enough food to fill your tummy. It offers Chowmien, friend rice, both curry and dry chicken and Sea foods too.

Burgers, pizza and steaks are quite one dimensional in terms of taste or variety but chinese food is quite versatile and diverse in terms of taste and fillings.


China Town Food Review

My China Town Food Review

Personal Favorite: My Personal Favorite is Chicken Chili dry, I’m kinda spicy guy so I like spicy food more xD. I like curry in fried rice but still my this chili dry hits me. I usually order it without chowmein 

China Town Food Review

Chinese dumplings: Their dumplings are great! I really like the chicken, pork + chives, shrimp + vegetable, and mixed vegetable ones. You can get them either steamed or pan-fried. The pan-fried ones have a crispy, greasy, deep-fried batter on one of the sides, that looks kinda weird, but tastes great. You also get a lot of dumplings for the price.


Butter Fly Prawns: A combination of juicy, succulent, golden brown butterfly prawns from the waters of sea. prawns are perfect for pan-frying or shrimp cocktail on a stick! They are made from fresh raw prawns which are butterfly peeled and deveined, lightly battered, and deep-fried to a golden brown. This process is done to ensure the juices of the prawns remain intact and the delicate flavor remains unchanged.

China Town Food Review


Fish and Chip my favorite for starters: Fish And Chips! Best I have ever had. The batter on the fish was just right and the chips were tasty. The tartar sauce was quite nice and regular portion size was plenty for me. Would highly recommend this for a good fish and chips. 


Chicken Manchurian: Chicken Manchurian is so popular that it’s somewhat synonymous with Indo-Chinese cuisine. Crispy chicken enveloped in a spicy, tangy, sweet sauce…everything we love! This quick & easy recipe makes truly crispy chicken with an ample amount of sauce. Tested to perfection!

For recipe:

China Town Food Review


China Town Food Review Public Feature:

Now as far as public is concerned, from my research and reviews people are really liking sushi and it is Kinda Hot Favorite in Young people who are quite diet friendly and concerned about eating decent.

What makes china town sushi so much favorite : the fish is  fantastically fresh. Not just fresh enough not to make you sick, but really fresh. Though as compared to other chinese food  sushi is expensive, It is t $80 per person before drinks. Sushi rice is a main factor for people to get it again, cooking the rice exactly right depends on lots of variables and can’t be just done the same way each time but they really do it everytime!

One thing I noticed, the temperature of the rice and the fish are contrast. The fish was slightly cool, the rice slightly warm, that made it more delicious to be honest. The rice you get isn’t completely plain rice

With all food, but especially with sushi, presentation matters. Of course, how a thing looks doesn’t really make a difference in how it tastes. But psychologically, it matter. if you order omakase on a regular basis at the same place, the chef will get to know you and your likes (of course, this is rather expensive!)


China Town Food Review

My Sushi Review – Don’t get offended please 

I love it but only the good quality one. I hate the All You Can Eat chain restaurants, it’s horrible what they do. And you can really tell the difference between low and high quality sushi, it’s a completely different experience. I’ve never been to Japan but I’d love to go there to try the original one for once


When you’re visiting china town next, try these item and tell us how you like it!


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