Leydis Serrano is known as the wife of cuban-american baseball star of Miami Martins Jorge Soler. She is quite unknown as compared to Jorge Soler. She has many appearances in public with Jorge including their appearance 22nd Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards where she nailed that look.

Both made news to headlines with their stunning look and chemistry on red carpet, Jorge Soler was wearing black pant coat with casual shoes while Leydis Serrano was wearing bright silver dress, Damn!! She is looking like a real Queen!

Leydis Serrano

Their Intimate chemistry and love was quite visible and we loved it. She even shared a little cute kiss with cuban american star

Leydis Serrano


Brief Insights on Leydis Serrano

Although we all know she is married to Jorge soler but where is she from?? so let’s get into it

Leydis Serrano was born in Cuba during the early 1990s as accurate birth date is still unknown, she is hispanic as per ethnicity. She has cuban nationality but due to her marraige with Jorge soler she got american nationality too. Her Religion is Christianity!

She shares two children with Jorge Soler. They have a daughter named as leysa soler and son Jorley soler.

Leydis Serrano

Leydis Serrano

Leydis Serrano Instagram

Leydis was active on Instagram with the username leydissoler12. She had over 7.3k followers and posted a lot of content on her page but suddenly she deactivated her instagram account due to privacy concerns!

Her husband, Jorge Soler, on the other hand, can be found on Instagram with the username js12.


Leydis Serrano Twitter

Leydis was active on Twitter with the username @leydis_soler12 . She has over 349 followers and She posted her last tweet on march 23, 2017 which was a cooking video of her Husband


Leydis Serrano

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Jorge Soler’s Wife Leydis Serrano React To Sox Rumors

Jorge Soler’s wife Leydis Serrano recently reacted to Sox Rumors flooding over. As per the rumors, Boston Red Sox showed interest in several free agents. 

Moreover, they showed their interest in MVP Jorge Soler, a remarkable baseball outfielder. Besides being a rumor, there is no news on Soler reacting to Sox.

With Jorge always being in the center of attention, people have always been interested in Serrano, his wife. However, there are no details on the rumors hitting over the internet.

Leydis Serrano

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