Background – dental spa

The concept of a dental spa is a recent development in the fast-growing trend of medical spas, where doctors work alongside alternative therapists and beauticians, the idea being that patients can be given a complete feeling of well-being, both on the inside and out.

The words dentaldentistdentistry etc. originally derive from the late Latin word dentalis meaning ‘tooth’. Although nowadays mainly used in reference to commercial health and beauty establishments, the word spa originally referred to a spring of mineral water with health-giving properties. It was later used to describe a place or resort which had such a spring, and still features in the names of certain UK towns such as Leamington Spa. The word spa in fact derives from the name of a small town in eastern Belgium which has been celebrated since medieval times for the curative properties of its mineral springs.

Dental Spa

What is a Dental Spa?


Conventional dental practices tend to be clinical, impersonal and intimidating. Whether it’s the uncomfortable waiting rooms or the often detached nature of the service, few people seem to have positive associations with visiting an oral health professional.

Dental spas aim to provide a completely different experience, designed to alleviate any dental anxiety you may be feeling. At Black Swan Dental Spa, you will be warmly welcomed into a tranquil, modern environment, with all the comfort and luxury of a professional spa. Our focus is to meet the precise dentistry needs of every customer, and our entire service revolves around helping you feel as relaxed, confident and in-control as possible.

Dental Spa

Services during and after your treatment, including:

  • Paraffin hand wax
  • Heated neck wraps
  • Comfortable blankets
  • Shiatsu massage cushions
  • DVD glasses
  • Music (your own, or a radio station of your choice)


Here are our top picks for our favorite dental spa in the United States

Dental Spa



Located in Manhattan, Zenthea has state of the art dental technology and oral healthcare professionals to help you with all your needs. This location offers wine, coffee, and a calming environment to make the experience a pleasurable one for you.

2. Lavaan

Lavaan is also located in New York City. It specializes in straightening, dental cleaning, and whitening in a spa-like environment. Lavaan is unique because it also offers unique in-home packages.

3. The Hills Dental Spa

The Hills Dental Spa, located in Austin, Texas, offers relaxing dentistry as well as unique massage and skin treatments, chair massages, foot scrubs, and more.

4. Lumina Dental Spa Services

Lumina Spa Services is based out of Houston, Texas and offers high-quality dental care with spa style services that include nutritious beverages, selections of relaxing movies and music, scented hot towels, and more.



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