RION Re90 Top Speed is 100mph

Yes this is true which is why it is called “Bugatti” of Electric Scooters assembled at Rion Plant in Los Angeles, California. With this speed, you don’t have to worry about reaching your destination in time and it is a solution for those who don’t have the budget for car.

These days trend of scooters and electric bikes is insanely increasing but the real drawback people were facing in the case of electric scooters is that they didn’t have that much speed. Rion Re90 literally changed the debate !


RION RE90 – The Tesla of Electric scooters

Well, huge credit should be given to Elon Musk who literally helped people realized that electric and environment friendly vehicles are the future of auto mobile industry with this trend he initiated Tesla which made people believe in the Idea of having electric vehicles.

Rion jumped into the debate and started working on the electric bikes and scooters, they launched Rion 2, Rion Apex but real game was launching Rion Re90 with insanely high Top speed.

RION RE90 Top Speed

RION RE90 Top Speed is 100mph???  

Although RION RE90 Top speed in 100mph but people mostly go for average 80 or sometimes 90mph because of security and accident Risk. In busy hours with Traffic you should avoid going to that much speed especially if you’re travelling in normal street or road. You can try high speed in late hours or in highway safety lane so that you can reach your destination on time.

Some of the users claim that they achieved RION RE90 top speed of 120mph which can be possible depending on the rider and his skills, it’s same like sports car though.

RION RE90 Battery

RION RE90 – Battery Packs/ Runtime

With RION RE90 Top speed of 100mph, one might worry about the battery time but Rion Re90 got the perfectly Reasonable Battery time depending upon the insane mobility of vehichle!

The RION RE90 is delivered with a 10Ah smart chargerrecharge and protect your battery in 4h30! With such power, the autonomy at 25km/h of the RE90, according to RION, is 90km. Like any electric vehicle, this range will decrease drastically when you push the scooter to its limits.

Rion Re90 Top Speed

Insane RION RE90 Top Speed Needs Safety Brakes

Mostly buyers and those who are planning to buy Rion Re90 really worried about safety and most important part of that safety is having better brakes!

So Rion RE90 got solid front fork for optimal control, firm suspension, and PMT slick tyres for a super-smooth roll. It has 140mm rotor discs with Magura carbon callipers on both front and rear to bring you to a rapid halt.

Rion RE90 Top Speed

Don’t Try 2 Adult persons on Rion Scooters

If you want your scooter long lasting and you’re planning it for usage of atleast more than 2 years then you must avoid extra load on it. Having 2 persons on this scooter will literally decrease it’s lifetime exponentially with possible impact on RION RE90 Top Speed.

Weight Limit: It has a weight limit of 242 lbs anything beyond that limit might hurt your scooter and cause internal damage to the battery pack or it could twist the suspension!


Last but not the least, I kinda like it’s sporty look!

The Rion looks both gorgeous and futuristic.

Here’s the deal. We all love how cool and modern carbon fiber looks. Compared to other electric scooters, the Rion looks like it was brought from the future. Its elegant thin lines match perfectly its conservative dark gray color palette.

Rion RE90 Top Speed

You can order your vehicle here, it has delivery time of 180days (minimum) and it costs €8.399,00 with the 2 years warranty on the scooter and 1 year warranty on the battery.


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