Intel Dinar chronicles is the exclusive intel category of Dinar chronicles which was founded in February of 2014. The main goal of Dinar Chronicles is to share all news and predictions about the global currency reset from all perspectives without bias. Over time the website also became a voice for the RV/GCR community.

Patrick DaCosta (TerraZetzz) is the founder, owner, and administrator of Dinar Chronicles.


Credibility of every Information on Intel Dinar Chronicles

To be Honest, this is kinda buzzfeed for every news related to global currencies where an open intel source will post a news on some currency at Intel Dinar Chronicles. It will not be fact checked by Dinar Chronicles as many currency related news are considered as rumors, in fact this is the reason why it is very popular among people who want to keep an eye on different currencies. This creates a versatility of information compared to big information platforms, even many information or articles are POV based !

intel dinar chronicles

POV Based Content on Currencies

Many Information – news and articles on Intel Dinar Chronicles are point of view based, where people publish their detailed perspective of some global news on any currency like dollar or dinar. This brings the option for viewers to understand the certain news through whole lot of perspective


Let’s Say there is a news that UAE is signing a contract with world bank, well it’s just a news but here in Intel Dinar Chronicles people step up and go one step ahead and they post potential impact of that news. May be that potential impact might not happen in future but it was still a potential outcome though so that related businesses or persons can take precautionary measure based on that news !

Intel Dinar Chronicles

Consulting your Financial and Legal Advisor is must 

As stated by the Dinar chronicles too that you must consult your financial, legal or tax advisor about your future step based on any news/information on Intel Dinar Chronicles

They have stated 

Do not buy, sell, trade or hold any Iraqi Dinars, Vietnamese Dong, other currencies, commodities or other investments based upon any postings or messages on the website or referenced on this website. Seek and rely upon the advice of licensed and registered financial, legal and tax advisers

intel dinar chronicles

Do They Sell Currencies on Intel Dinar Chronicles 

Dinar Chronicles is not a currency dealer type of thing, they don’t sell currencies on their website. If someone is selling some currency by representing dinar chronicles team will be a potential scam. Although, some people post article and try to sell their currency through valid reasoning but this is an individual selling currency on his own and that sale will not be done through dinar chronicles, in fact they will not be responsible for any scam by user.

They stated on their site 

Dinar Chronicles is not a registered investment adviser, broker dealer, banker or currency dealer and as such, no information on the website should be construed as investment advice. We do not intend to and are not providing financial, legal, tax, political or any other advice to any reader of the website. This website is merely for informational/entertainment purposes. It is not the purpose or intention of this website to influence any person to purchase or sell Iraqi Dinars, Vietnamese Dong, other currencies, or any other investment.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

How can we post on Intel Dinar Chronicles

You can post by signing up your account too or even by using guest post option. If you have any significant insight on any global trade or currency news then you can guest post on Intel Dinar Chronicles

Process of Guest Post:

I’m just quote process from their official site so you may understand easily.

Dinar Chronicles is allowing viewers to guest post and respond to articles. If you wish to respond or speak your mind and write a post/article or about the current situation relating to Iraq, the RV, the GCR and so on. You may now send in an entry.

All you need to do is send your entry to with these following rules.

The subject line of your email should be: “Entry | (Title of your post) | Dinar Chronicles”

– Proper grammar
– Bashing others will not be tolerated
– Solely write intel, rumors, news, thoughts, messages regarding Dinarland, Iraq, the RV, the GCR, NESARA/GESARA, the Republic, Spirituality, Ascension and anything that is relating
– Your signature/name/username at the end (If you wish to remain anonymous then provide an alias.)

Intel Dinar Chronicles

Best thing about that is you can post anonymously too 

Okay Signing off here, Intel Dinar Chronicles is a great site for finding news about global currencies but there might be some totally fake news too but at the end of the day that’s how learn about different things.


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