Cartoons from the 90s really shaped up our childhood, many cartoons have even had a run in 2000s too due to their creativity. Right now, when we open tv and switch some cartoon channels, we notice how quality of cartoons really declined.

Cartoons from the 90s were really famous among adults

We used to see dads falling in love with some cartoons along with their children. Simpsons, Johny bravo and Tom jerry etc cartoons were iconic and some even had their movies too. I still watch power puff girls to be honest and you know there is something about those times and cartoons that we cannot let that go no matter how much we try!

So Let’s get into Tour of 90s and cartoons from the 90s that adults should watch


Batman: The Animated Series

Perhaps the best animated series ever. It provides great accuracy in the stories and characters, while allows innovation and imagination. They “pull no punches” and didn’t try to make this a kiddy show. It became the trend setter for “Superman” and “Batman: Beyond”, even though neither can compare

I knew there was something special about Batman: The Animated Series, even if I didn’t yet have the knowledge at the time to ascertain what that was, or put words to what I thought and felt. There was nothing else on television like it. Hell, there wasn’t even any other Batman story like it, for all I knew at the time. Some Cartoons from the 90s really shaped DC movies like Joker !

Cartoons from 90s

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest

The Plot of Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is quite simple ” A teenager and his extended family investigate the supernatural and other mysteries around the world”. Due to it’s mysterious nature and curiosity every adult can fall in love with shows. Warning This Show is addictive!

I really loved this show and I still recall that day when it was cancelled , I was so disappointed. I loved the plots of each episode, and the characters were far more interesting than they had been in previous versions of the show. I’m so glad to be able to enjoy it on DVD since my old recordings of the episodes are incomplete and wearing down.

I still believe they will revive characters of Jonny Quest again, may be we can see a movie or remake especially with the inclusion of Race’s daughter, Jessie, and the addition of Quest World. We have seen that in other cases of Cartoons from the 90s

Cartoons From The 90s


Honestly Gargoyles is one of the most under-rated cartoons ever. And probably the best thing Disney will ever make. It is extremely well written, and doesn’t patronize it’s viewers because it has almost no forced-expositions, everything flows naturally and cuts to the chase. The characters are very well developed, unique and relatable, this goes for the villains too since their motives make sense.

On top of that it has the most diverse set of cast/characters which properly represent the world in non-stereotypical ways. And finally the animation is great for it’s time and drawn to please adult viewers too. This show’s animation is on top of  Cartoons from the 90s

Their Plot is ” A clan of heroic night creatures pledge to protect modern New York City as they did in Scotland one thousand years earlier” courtesy IMDB


The Power Puff Girls

Cartoons from the 90s has an audience for girls, boys, women and men I mean everyone. If you’re female adult, this show is evergreen for you guys. Even if you’re in your 70s you can play this show with your grand children and I pretty sure they will love this.

Plot: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have many adventures while protecting the world from mad scientists, bank robbers and aliens with the help of their special powers.

Cartoons from the 90s

I loved this show as a child and still do – it blends action, comedy, and drama perfectly. The main characters are adorably designed and written, which perfectly contrasts the ridiculous level of violence they inflict upon the villain of the week. This is the perfect morning / evening show for kids aged between eight and fourteen, but honestly, anyone of any age can thoroughly enjoy this series.

Dexter’s Labatory

This show has to be one of my favorite shows! Dee-Dee is my favorite character …….. I just love how she picks on her brother Dexter. I also love how the parents have no idea what Dexter does in the lab, I’m pretty sure that they don’t even know that he has a lab, lol. IDK! I just really love this show!

These Cheeky plot lines are the reason why I love cartoons from the 90s !

Plot: Dexter is a Boy Genius Who has a secret lab in his room his Mom and Dad don’t know about it, but his older sister Dee Dee Does and they go on wacky (Plot by http://www,imdb,com

After running for two seasons, the series was given a TV Movie entitled Ego Trip, which was intended to serve as the Grand Finale. In spite of this, two more seasons were made without Genndy Tartakovsky’s involvement (and without Dial M for Monkey or The Justice Friends, replacing them with segments focused on Dexter’s supporting cast).

Cartoons from the 90s

Did You like Journey to Cartoons from the 90s

Guys please try first episode of at least one cartoons from the 90s, nostalgia will make you cry and the way character delivers dialogues, that framing, location and many references during episodes will take you back to the time where life was so different or maybe better.



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