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A Butler typically understands concepts such as being anticipatory, friendly not familiar, privacy and confidentiality, invisible and available. These individuals answer residence phone calls, greet and receive guests at the door, and supervise the reception of visitors.

Butlers assist with staff training and organize the duties and schedule of domestic staff. They may assist or be charged with keeping the household budgets and inventory supplies. In addition, butlers oversee family packing and travel preparations. They understand social etiquette and formal service and assists with planning and organizing parties and events in the home.

Butlers manage and participate in proper table settings and entertainment preparations. They serve meals, drinks and perform wait services related thereto. Butlers are usually knowledgeable about wines and spirits and supervise the wine cellar and liqueur inventory.

Butlers may also serve as personal valet to the household and/or gentleman of the house. They are able to perform light housekeeping duties and direct other staff in needed household responsibilities.

Butler For Hire

The Evolving Role of Modern Butlers

In many households, the roles of modern butlers may look considerably different than in classic movies you’ve seen. Modern butlers often have distinct specializations, such as being wonderful cooks, expert drivers, or skilled handymen to have around the house. Other modern butlers are experts in mixology, great entertainers for guests, and experienced with managing other staff members on a regular basis. As you search for butlers to work for you, pay attention to these types of specialties and compare them with the list of duties and responsibilities you would like a butler to perform.


What Are the Duties of a Butler for hire ?

Here you find some primary butler duties:

  • Formal serving and proper table set-up
  • Greeting and accommodating family and guest needs
  • Assist with cleaning and maintenance
  • In charge of a wine cellar and serving drinks
  • Care of fine china, silver, crystal
  • Care and inventory of artwork and antiques
  • Assist with event coordination
  • Assist with packing and unpacking for travel

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Butler for Hire – Salary

So, with the above in mind, there is quite a range. A young chap fresh from butler school will probably start at negotiating at $20-25K per annum. After a few years of experience, assuming employment in an urban or near-urban setting, that will double. A competent, experienced butler will probably cost you around $70-80K (you might be able to hire quality at about $40-50K) if you have a house with many bedrooms and a staff component of about half a dozen to a dozen, thought it’s not unheard of that some would cost (and be worth it) as much as $150K for very large households/estates.

I would say that, if you are young and single (or with a partner), have a small-ish household (four bedrooms with a cottage on two acres, three vehicles, of which one is for him), entertain about once a month for no more than 50 people for drinks or maximum a dinner party for 10-12, you should get quality for about $35-40K, and it’s totally worth it.

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