Well Actually Bowlsnet Org UK Updated their Address to Bowlsnet.UK

The new version is now up and running smoothly.
The most common query I get from administrators and users is on the eligibility for inclusion in averages, the rules were not shown and players popped in and out of the lists based on a percentage of games played so far.
The rules have now been simplified are are shown at the bottom of average lists.
It is all now based on a single ‘Number of games to played before end of season’. As soon as a player can no longer achieve that number they will be removed.
Administrators: the value is set per division via ‘Update Division’ on the League Divisions page.
Hopefully this will be much simpler and clearer for all.
Example: If the minimum number of games is set to 12 out of 14, then as soon as a player misses 3 games they will permanently drop out of contention.

Bowlsnet Org Uk New Website Guide

The My BowlsNet page allows:

  • Quick access to all your favourite leagues
    (add or remove leagues by simply clicking the + or  buttons).
  • The collating of all your results into one overall list.
  • The searching for any team or player across all BowlsNet leagues.
The Menu buttons are as follows:

  • The Main Page button shows this page.
  • The Leagues button shows a grid of leagues and associations.
  • The Clubs button shows a grid of all club portals & web-sites.
  • The Admin button provides administrator support & subscriptions.
  • The Map button shows the location of all leagues.
  • The Help button provides support and details of recent changes.

Courtesy for Information: Bowlsnet Org


Bowlsnet Org Uk Iphone Problem Solved

As an iPhone user myself, many of the features in BowlsNet are geared towards such devices (over 90% of access are on phones).
Unfortunately, iPhones have an issue, whereby the bottom toolbar keeps expanding and hiding the bottom of the page.
Happily, there is a simple remedy. Click the ‘aA’ on the address line and it will display a menu. Click ‘Hide Toolbar ‘ and BowlsNet will be shown in all it’s glory 😀.
I’ve always found entering results on a phone a little awkward. A new feature has been added, with new FULL, LEFT, CENTRE and RIGHT buttons allowing the whole screen to used for the selected section of the match card.


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