OmgFlix is another site that provides premiem movie and tv content for free, it is quite popular in masses due to it’s simple and easy user interface. It provides recent cinema, commercial, Digital films and tv shows from different platforms like Netflix, amazon prime and hulu etc



Is Omgflix free??

This website is free of cost, you can watch any content as much you want plus there is no time limit too



Is It Safe?

Due to it’s option to stream content without ads, you can get that it is free and you don’t have to worry about unwanted ads or malvertising. This is probably the reason why this site has huge and audience!

If you still want to avoid any risk then check this article on how to avoid malvertising


Content you can watch on Omgflix 

You can randomly surf content too depending upon the mood and your interest !




Omgflix features 

Here are the some cool features that you might not get on other sites:

  • Free streaming
  • Multi-subtitles
  • No advertisements
  • Chromecast support


Download it by Android APK

Please note that this is an app for Android.  It’s application is only available on Android devices.

Follow the steps in the following to install the application:

  • Visit the Omgflix official website.
  • Go to for the Android Apps On the menu
  • Click Download to download for Android

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