Get ready for real hard craving because we are listing best brunches in Boston in this piece, there is high possibility you might start your car right now and go to one of these restaurants and to be honest you are not alone !

Many people may see brunch as somewhat of a modern phenomenon but the term, which combines the words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’ was actually coined as far back as the 1930s. Not only that, but many countries around the world celebrate brunch in their unique cultural style.

China, for example, serves dim sum brunch, consisting of freshly prepared small sweet and savoury dishes and in Canada, brunch can last for several hours. In the UK, brunch has been made popular by late-rising millennials looking to enjoy a plethora of food in a relaxed environment. 

best brunches in boston

Brunch is everything you want in a meal: carbs, casual dress code, reasonable prices, and some well-deserved day drinking. Plus, we’re barreling toward patio season, which means you can soon savor your eggs Benedict and mimosas alfresco.

Best Brunches in Bonton 

Boston readily embraces the weekend ritual with breakfast pizzas, baklava pancakes, and an endless parade of dim sum. Here’s a sampling of excellent Boston-area brunch options, a mix of neighborhood mainstays and some newer spots worth exploring.

So Let’s get to best brunches in Boston

Best Brunches in Boston


Don’t worry, the restaurant’s famed charred avocado is also available at brunch, but that’s hardly this spot’s only daytime allure. French toast with whipped cinnamon mascarpone; frittata with salsa verde, spinach, and ricotta; and fried chicken sandwiches are obvious crowd pleasers. 
Directions/ Location: Alcove West End
50 Lovejoy Wharf, Boston, MA 02114, United States

Best Brunches in Boston

The Friendly Toast

“Service and food was excellent. Possibly the best tater tots I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Wait staff was incredibly friendly and helpful while also giving you …”

Directions/ Location : The Friendly Toast Location

Best Brunches in Boston

North Street Grille

This might top in my best brunches in boston list !
Can’t say enough about the Cinnamon roll pancake. Probably the best pancake I’ve ever had. Has a cream cheese frosting topping. Eggs are super fluffy and home fries have an elite seasoning.
Directions/ Location : North Street Grille
Best Brunches in Boston

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

Amazing brunch! One of the best brunches in Boston I’ve had. It was ranked one of the best in Boston, and I agree. The food is fresh and flavorful. Their menu is eclectic and features some of the popular food trends that are non-traditional, but they don’t try too hard to make everything totally different. You will find a mix of classics and somewhat unique dishes, sometimes with a distinctive Lincoln twist. The place is huge and seats lots of people, but don’t let that fool you.
Directions/ Location : Lincoln Tavern
425 W Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127, United States
Best Brunches in Boston

Frenchie Wine Bistro

Brunch was delicious, and service was amazing. Shared between three people, started with the Artisanal Cheese (Three Milk Blend option) and then shaered the Cheese Burger, Crossaint Egg Benedict, and the Croque Monsieur. Beautiful asthetics and clean space. I recommend the potatoes over the french fried for the eggs benedict. Ended Brunch with a delicious Olive Oil Cake.
Directions/ Location : Frenchie Wine Bistro
560 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118, United States


Absolutely delicious brunch! We got a truffle asparagus omelet and shakshuka that was out of this world! The bloody Mary was spicy and had celery, green olive, pepperonccini and lemon and the Mimosa was perfectly refreshing
Directions/ Location : Aquitaine
569 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02118, United States
Best Brunches in Boston

Cafe Bonjour

Awesome vibe and the food was great, chill house tunes in the background and you can marvel at the chefs making their magic in the open plan kitchen. Friendly staff and excellent service at a very reasonable price. Definitely recommend!
(Recommend going early, this seems to be a hot spot and starts getting pretty packed late morning. Absolutely worth the wait though.
Directions/ Location : Cafe Bonjour
55 Temple Pl, Boston, MA 02111, United States
Best Brunches in Boston
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