Looking for a way to instantly elevate your makeup look? Experimenting with an eyeliner black and white look is an easy, versatile way to create stunning statement looks! From classic cat eyes to graphic lines and smudgy smoky effects, find out how to master six different eyeliner designs from the comfort of your own home.


Cat Eye Look

Popularized by stars throughout the 1950s, the classic cat eye look can be easily achieved with black or white eyeliner. Start with a thin line just above your upper lash line, then thicken it in the middle and pull it slightly upward to create an eye-catching winged effect. Keep lines as crisp and sharp as possible for a more dramatic result.

Black and White Eyeliner Overview

As someone who loves playing with makeup, I favor one product above all the rest: eyeliner. Whether you want to use neutral eyeliner to create a workday fox eye or a bright color to create a graphic look. Perfect eyeliner gives an insane impactful look to your style that may compliment your dress or jewelry too, getting the perfect color combination of eyeliners with your dress, jewelry, and hair will definitely nail your look.

it’s one of the most versatile makeup products out there. Eyeliner comes in just about every color under the sun, has many different formulations, and can be used in tons of ways.

If you’re looking for perfect black and white eyeliner looks, you have come to the perfect place cuz we are just about to take your look to the perfect level.

Winged Liner with a White Center

Turn up the intensity with an extra pop of color in the center of your winged liner. Start by creating a thin line across the lash line, then thicken it and extend it upwards past your lash line to create a dramatic cat eye effect. Finish off this stunning look with a small line down the center of your lid for an incredibly bold statement!

eyeliner black and white
To build your winged eyeliner black and white look, be at the inner corner of your eye and work your way to the outer corner while keeping your eyes open.

Big & Bold Shapes

Don’t be afraid to step outside the traditional “cat eye” and create a new, bolder look! Start by boldly tracing white eyeliner across your eyelid in any shape you like – try half moon shapes or triangles – then finish with a black outline. This works especially well with brighter shadows, as it allows the makeup itself to be the real focus of your look!

eyeliner black and white
Bold and Big eyeliner black and white look that will give you celebrity vibes

Feathery Flick Look

This look is perfect for making a statement without too much effort. Start by drawing a white line along the lower lash line as if you were going to do a traditional cat eye, but instead of bringing it up and out, bring it slightly downwards and draw small individual lines that become more wispy as they move away from the main trace. Finish with black eyeliner above to give the whites an extra pop!

eyeliner black and white
Feathered Eyeliner is becoming one the most trendiest thing in eyeliner black and white

The Rockstar Look

Add a touch of drama with this rockstar eyeliner look. Begin by carefully tracing the upper lash line with an angled black eyeliner brush, slightly thickening the line depending on how dramatic you prefer it to be. Then draw a white line directly underneath the black so that it is parallel to each other. To finish, fill in between both lines with black eyeshadow and blend lightly toward your brow bone to create a smooth smoky transition.

This eyeliner black and white look will be perfect if you want to be showstopper at your college or work party lol

eyeliner black and white


At last, eyeliner black and white are becoming very trendy in fashion but you must carefully read the occasion for what you’re going to try eyeliner black and white look. Don’t try too hard though, if your dress or makeup is not complementing eyeliner black and white look then you must let it go as it might not go well for you.

Editor’s Pick for best eyeliner black and white look

This black and white eyeliner is my favorite, I have tried it at many parties as it really goes well with an office dress or party dress. With some modifications it can create insane Halloween look too

eyeliner black and white
Editors pick for eyeliner black and white


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