Before Getting into Skyward Sword Walkthrough, Let us give brief intro of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

In November 2011, I plugged my brand new MotionPlus attachment into the bottom of my Wii remote. I booted up the console, pointed my newly accessorized Wiimote at the screen and clicked on the icon for the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A new Zelda title had finally arrived.

Skyward Sword HD deserves our attention, even if it’s only a remaster. Nintendo isn’t known for updating their older games, but they’re always up for an HD or 3D remake. And Skyward Sword isn’t a perfect game, but any addition to a franchise as influential as Zelda warrants discussion and critical review.

Skyward Sword Walkthrough and Timelines

The following is a timeline of the events that take place in Skyward Sword walkthrough , told in chronological order, starting with the creation of the Triforce. This is an attempt to make sense of some of the potential time paradoxes. Some of the information here is based on non-canonical assumptions.

The War of the Triforce

The three goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore, create Hyrule, its people, and the Triforce. They entrust their creations to the care of the goddess Hylia.

An evil entity called Demise creates an army of monsters to seize the Triforce. Hylia creates Skyloft and places the Triforce there along with her human followers.

Hylia fights a long war against Demise, and although she is gravely injured, Hylia finally imprisons him in the pit at the Sealed Grounds, creating the Sealing Spike and driving it into his forehead.

However, Demise’s sword, Ghirahim, survives and is not sealed away.

Skyward Sword Walkthrough

The Goddess’s Plan

Because of her injuries, Hylia knows that if Demise breaks free again, she will not be able to stop him. She knows that the Triforce has the power to destroy the Imprisoned, but the three goddesses designed the Triforce such that it cannot be used by a deity.

To bring about the Imprisoned’s destruction, Hylia creates a plan that will lead to the arrival of a chosen hero who can use the Triforce to destroy the Imprisoned for her.

In her final moments as Hylia, she gives Impa the task of using the Gate of Time to find her mortal reincarnation and guide her to the goddess statues to regain her memory before taking her to the past to maintain the seal on The Imprisoned.

Hylia then disappears

Zelda’s Long Sleep

Some time after, Zelda and Impa appear in the past. Zelda is now aware of her memories as Hylia.

Link arrives bearing the Master Sword. He reunites with Zelda, who explains the truth about herself and Link’s mission as the chosen hero. Since Link has gained wisdom, power, and courage in his trials, he has proven himself worthy of his task, and she awakens in him the ability to obtain the Triforce, making the symbol on the back of his hand glow. She blesses the Master Sword, turning it into the True Master Sword.

Skyward Sword Walkthrough

The End of Demise


Later, Ghirahim comes through the Gate of Time carrying Zelda. At this time, there are two Zeldas in existence: the one sealed in the crystal, and the one whom Ghirahim is carrying.

Link comes through the Gate of Time carrying the True Master Sword, and at some later point, Groose appears through the Gate of Time as well.

The Sealing Spike is not present in the pit when Link finds Ghirahim there, but it is possible that Ghirahim put it somewhere else when he began his ritual to separate Zelda’s soul from her body.

Skyward Sword Walkthrough

Parting Ways

Link goes back to the temple of the Sealed Grounds, where Zelda has recovered. Link places the True Master Sword into the pedestal, and Fi bids Link a fond farewell before beginning her eternal sleep within the Master Sword.

Impa chooses to stay behind in the past to watch over the Master Sword and ensure that Demise’s consciousness stays sealed within the blade. Zelda gives Impa one of her bracelets, and, possibly, uses magic to give Impa an extended life span.

To Be Continued

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